green eco home houseGreen housing features are in great demand. But do the buyers want all of these? We caught up with a reputable researcher and asked her advice in this regard. She gave us a deeper insight and highlighted a number of features which buyers wanted in green houses and also told us about the ones they did not regard as important.

Research tells us that so many homes are marketed as high performance. As far as the buyers are considered, they do not even know what is meant by a high performance house. A study claims that there are over 84% of people who cannot really explain this term to someone else. Why? Because even they do not understand it well.

So if buyers do not want a high performance home, what do they want? Does it imply they do not want a green home? Actually, that is not so, it is just that buyers are not familiar with the term high performance.

Research shares that among green features, buyers mostly care about energy costs and keeping the allergens away.   Which features will make this possible? Solar panels are by far the best bet for this. If you buy a home with solar panels, you will not always have to rely on the national grid any more.

What other things can make your home greener? Energy efficient lighting, windows and doors. A programmable thermostat is also a great idea because that will control the temperature in your home. This also brings down your energy bills. Also make sure that all appliances are Energy Star rated.

Other than this, if you want a truly green home, you can consider elements like hardwood floors, country styled kitchens, and cork countertops. All these are made from natural materials and subject the environment to no harm.

So do you want an energy efficient home? Yes, it has many advantages, but you have to pay a higher price. Research claims that energy efficient homes are priced at values that are around 5% to 10% higher than the average amount. However, the offered features are definitely worth this increased amount.

Before we end, we would like to add a piece of advice.  When buying homes, energy efficiency should not be your only focus, and do consider other things like security, location and so on.

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