Courtland Building Company, Inc’s., Green Design Features include both natural ventilation, through  the  use of opening windows, wind pressure aided ventilation, and attic vent fans…. and is based upon the positioning of the home on the lot,  the sun & prevailing winds.

Our  Designs are Engineered  with  advanced, Green  Framing Techniques that save Framing Materials, Labor & Money, and produce less lumber waste, but are Designed by our Engineers to  meet or  exceed  the wind  load requirements and strength of conventionally framed homes.

Courtland’s Green Framing Techniques actually increase the amount of Insulation in the walls

Of  the  home  and  put  insulation in areas that  are normally missed in conventionally framed homes, thereby decreasing the energy consumed and waste due to air leakage and infiltration.

Courtland’s  Green Framing Techniques also greatly reduce Thermal Bridging in the exterior walls of  the home, where heat  and cold is transferred to the inside walls of the home on the framing members themselves.

In Courtland’s Green  Homes, the  Whole Home  is Insulated, including  the attic space, with Sprayed-in-Foam Insulation, thereby sealing the air gaps in the walls and also keeping more of  the suns heat out of the attic and thereby, the A.C. system and the Homes living spaces.

Courtland’s  Air-Conditioning  Systems are  more  efficient, because  the  Insulation is Foam  Insulation  and  all of  the duct  work and return Air Ducts are  INSIDE  the insulation blanket. This improves the Efficiency of the Air-Conditioning System. We also use 14 or 16 Seer Units  w/ Humid-i-stats  &  Media  filters, along  with Two  speed compressors and  Variable speed blowers. The Home is so tight, that fresh outside air must be introduced into the A.C. System.

The  Plumbing  in our  homes, include  High Efficiency Gas, Hybrid, Tank-less Water Heating Systems with a Circulating Hot Water Pump, and Pex or Gold Flow Water Supply  lines for both instant hot water and Energy Savings. We also use water saving low flow toilets and plumbing fixtures.

Our windows are placed with the location of the sun in mind. Courtland Designs our Homes to Restrict the use of windows on the East and West sides of the home, and uses Roof Overhangs, Arbors and Porches to keep the sun off of the Windows. We also use Clear Story Windows to let Non direct North light into our homes. Our windows are vinyl, with double pane & low E Glass.

Additional, Available, Green Building Systems include Back Up Gas Generators, Off The Grid Rain Water Recovery and Purifying Systems, and Energy Generating Wind and Solar Options.

Our  landscaping integrates various native plant species that require less watering.

The interior of our homes also incorporate such Green materials such as Bamboo Flooring, Cabinets and Decking, glass tiles & Special, environmentally friendly, Low or No VOC paints and solvents, as requested.

Green Framing also allows Courtland to use wiser, more sustainable methods with the waste & disposal of  Building Materials, to lessen the impact of our Environmental footprint.