We picked Russell to build our home because of his bedroom closet. Yep. His closet. It was a comedy of error’s that found us in Russell’s closet but that’s how we ended up choosing Courtland Building. His clothes were all neatly spaced, color coordinated and hung according to season. Proof positive that this man is detail oriented.

Details are important but so is the actual construction of your home. Russell manages a fabulous team of sub contractors. But the single best asset Courtland Building has is Matt Garcia, Russell’s right hand man and job foreman. Officially Matt is Vice President of Construction for Courtland Building. Unofficially Matt’s title is The Best Friend You’ll Have During Construction And Everything Else That Has Nothing To Do With Building A Home.

Building a home is a massive commitment. It can get stressful and that’s Russell and Matt’s strong suit. They have a unique ability to stay focused and absorb your stress. Probably that was my favorite part of building this house with Courtland Building. I’d freak out over something and before I was able to lose sleep over it Russell and/or Matt made the problem go away. Like magic.

Building is also scary, fun, and miserable… and sometimes all these emotions will be had in a single day. During the trim out stage I really wanted to poke Matt in the eye with a stick. Actually, that’s not true. I wanted to poke Russell with a stick. The window trim looked great to me so what the heck? Matt didn’t like it, Russell concurred and the next thing I know it’s getting torn out and re-done. Lucky for them a stick wasn’t handy. Lucky for me they’ve built many homes and know what they’re doing. The redesigned window casing transformed the entire room to something magazine worthy.

Now that we are moved in to our freshly built home I am asked would I do it again? Followed with, would I use Courtland Building again? Yes, and yes. Russell’s motto is “Friends to the end”. This is important to him and he will bend over backwards to make building your beautiful home the most positive experience he possibly can for you. (And yes, we are still friends!)

Alan and Dorci Hasty, Fulshear, Texas