green 2014The end of 2013 saw home construction pick up pace and 2014 is going to see more of this. Home sales are not going to slow anytime soon, at least not in the initial part of this year, and the inventory can definitely do better if more homes are added to it. So what materials are builders planning to choose this year? The materials are not going to be exactly new; they have been around for quite some time, and will remain in the market this year well. Obviously, these materials differ, but there are two main characteristics that are same for most of them: one is sustainability and the other is energy efficiency.

The CEO of a reputed home construction agency that comprises of the best architects, designers and builders in the industry said in an interview that they do provide their clients with the innovative designs and quality materials, but nothing is new about them. A lot of materials are recycled and most of the architectural details are carried out with reclaimed wood. The CEO went on to add his favorite materials are a new wood flooring that is sourced from renewable forests and the other is mosaics. The CEO expects that the latter of this is going to be quite popular this year.

Mosaics are a stunning material that features beautiful colors and smooth textures. The CEO even said that this is one material that every home should have.  CaesarStone is going to be another popular choice in 2014. It has been in the market for nearly a decade, and is not going to lose its stance any time soon. The material is 93% natural quartz and the rest is polymer resins. It is mostly used for countertops and adds great appeal to them.

We also interviewed a Dallas based architectural firm and asked them their opinions in this regard. They told us that they are planning to utilize ThermaSteel this year for most of their projects. The finishing touches may not be that elegant but the walls of this material are very sturdy.

ThermaSteel is one of the most durable materials that you can come across; it can survive hurricanes and earthquakes of great intensity. Moreover, termites also do not affect it. The installation is quick and easy, allowing significant amounts to be saved.

Industry experts predict that the above mentioned products will be seen for quite a long time in the construction industry, simply because of their great features.


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