summer hat phoneHouston weather is starting to heat up so keep these tips in mind when planning your new custom home and get ready for smart and cost-efficient summers ahead.

Control your thermostat via smartphone apps. Now, with the touch of a button, it’s possible to control your AC/heat and lighting from a remote location. Save on your energy bills by using Wi-Fi controlled thermostats and switches. Best of all, you won’t come home to a sweltering house!

Sync your home sound systems. With all the options in Bluetooth audio available today, you can eliminate unattractive, bulky speakers. New, smaller and sleek Bluetooth devices are easy to hide, while providing excellent sound. You can also sync up music in every part of your home and control it all via your smartphone.

Add charging stations throughout your home. Invest in turbo phone chargers that significantly speed up charging time – and you’ll be everyone’s new best friend. Additionally, install USB ports to your electrical outlets. This makes it much easier for everyone to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices without having to plug in to your laptop first.

Power your home with the sun by going solar. When you’ve completed new custom home, you’ll want to sit back, relax and enjoy your productive achievements without worrying about how to pay for the electricity behind all of these fun new gadgets. Thankfully, home solar is a growing trend that is going mainstream and an extremely easy option for custom home builders to adopt.

Flaunt your new upgrades. Now it’s time for you to show off everything you’ve invested in, so your friends and family can see what a trendsetter you are. Many will leave your house wondering how to wirelessly sync up every screen and gadget in their own homes, while simultaneously saving money.


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