hallwayMost homes have hallways, and typically these spaces aren’t used for more than hanging a few photos. However, these small connecting rooms shouldn’t be viewed as wasted space! Read on for several ways you can get more from your hallway, and your home.

Mirror it. Adding a large pane of glass to your hallway will open up your space, and offer ample room for reflection.

Add cabinets. If your hallway is a bit wide, consider adding some wall-mounted cabinets. By mounting these cabinets on the lower half of your wall (toward the floor) you will be opening up both storage space, and creating a nice ledge for books, family photos and more.

Go full library. If you have a house full of avid readers, consider creating floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves or cubbies for books!

Install a closet. If you have the budget and the space behind the wall, consider hiring a contractor to create a hall closet. And why stop at just one single closet space? Create a closet that extends the entire length of your wall. Then, add sliding mirrored doors to fill the space with light.

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