smart houseSmart homes are all the rage these days as technology continues to infiltrate the industry. In fact, smart home automation is not only set to continue to rise, it’s expected to become a $15 trillion industry in the next decade. And it’s quickly becoming one of the most asked about features among prospective homebuyers.

However, many people are still confused about these automated systems. While they may have seen them on TV, heard people talking about them on various social media sites or know someone who has already implemented some of these smart features into their home, until they have personal experience with these systems, they don’t truly understand the value.

When it comes to incorporating smart features into a home, connectability to a central system is key. This means that you’re able to control all of the home’s systems and appliances with the click of a button.

Today’s automated systems can control all sorts of things within the home—HVACs, appliances, lights, locks, electronics and even the security system. Making it even more convenient, all of this can be done through apps on a smartphone or tablet, so even if you’re away, you can call or click-in and lock the doors, shut the blinds, turn on the dishwasher, dim the lights, record your favorite TV show, turn on your sprinkler system or control the temperature.

Smart refrigerators are another popular feature in many homes today. Not only do these refrigerators allow you to create a list of groceries, they also add items to the list automatically. And if you happen to forget the list when you head out to the store, a simple call will have it delivered to your mobile device.

More advanced smart homes may have security systems complete with cameras, motion sensors and even a link to the local police station or security company.

If your home is equipped with these types of systems, it’s important that you talk with your agent so that they’re not only aware of these features, but so they can use them to their advantage when meeting with potential buyers. The last thing you want is for a prospective buyer to walk away because they see these systems as a nuisance.

A home with the latest gadgets and smart technology will pique the interest of a homebuyer and may lead to a quicker sale at a better price.

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