nanotechEver heard of nanotechnology? You probably might not have if you are not related to the engineering field. Nanotechnology is the study of minute particles that are only one billionth of a meter. Why have attempts been made to study particles which are so small? Because at this size, containing only a few atoms, the particles have been known to exhibit properties which do not hold when the size is increased. These include great strength, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and the ability to repair.

For a long time, people have been involved with nanotechnology, but could not truly understand its full potential. Ceramic glazes, stained glass and opaque glasses are all examples of this.  Since there was no awareness and no research pointed towards nanotechnology, people achieved results with trial and error. However, in the last century, this interesting field was fully discovered and that is when things started to change. Now there are so many products that are based on nanotechnology such as sunscreens, cosmetics, fabrics, tennis rackets and batteries.

So how can nanotechnology be of any help in the construction industry?  Nanotechnology can be used for developing advanced building materials, which exhibit the following properties.


If only a percent of carbon nanotubes are added into concrete, the tensile strength can increase by as much as 500%.


Add carbon nanotubes in the same quantity to water, and the resulting material will prevent the formation of large cracks. Plus, if any small cracks appear, the material will self-heal, causing them to disappear.


If glass is prepared with the help of nanotechnology, it can possess the property of self-cleaning. Special coatings are also available for this.

Fire Resistance

Nanotechnology has been used to prepare glass which offer a resistance to fire. However, efforts still have to be made so that these glasses can offer the same level of resistance against heat.

Products based on nanotechnology

Along with building materials, a number of innovative products, based on nanotechnology have appeared in the market. For instance, a reputed company has launched a product which is a combination of countertops and cabinetry. Featuring an impressively smooth and soft top coat with an exceptional lifespan, the product has already taken the market by storm, and why should it not, the countertop prevents germs and dust from accumulating and is super easy to clean.

Similarly, nanotechnology has also been used to design a ceiling paint which offers a resistance to musty odors, smoke, pollen, bacteria and even spiders.

So which nanotechnology product do you want in your home?


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