paint home exteriorSummer is the perfect time to update your home’s exterior. Adding a fresh coat of paint will create a whole new look and instant curb appeal. Ideally, the home should be painted in warmer seasons, when the temperature falls between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Before painting, keep in mind these tips:

1. Clean – Whether you do it yourself or rent a power washer, be sure to thoroughly clean your home’s exterior. For really tough stains, scrub the surface with a wire brush. Use a commercial grade cleaner or chlorine bleach to eliminate any mildew. Allow several days for any remaining moisture to dry completely.

2. Prep – Scrape away cracked caulk from windows, peeling paint or rotted areas. If the entire board is rotted, replace it. Re-caulk where needed. Fill holes with wood filler and sand down to conceal any patchwork.

3. Prime – Add a layer of primer to any areas revealed when scraping. Paint a test patch to see how your color selection works with your home’s landscaping and architectural details.

4. Cover – The day of, be sure to cover exterior lights, gutters, exhaust vents and air conditioning units with plastic. Avoid damage from drips and spills by covering greenery and stone surfaces, like a walkway or patio, with a drop cloth.

If your home’s exterior is something other than wood (masonry or stucco, for instance), check whether you need to seal the surface before painting. Most importantly, consider the forecast before planning your paint job. It’s never a good idea to paint when rain or wind is predicted.

Source: Consumer Reports

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