money house sunSellers have an edge in the housing market this season; you are right about this. But as good as this is, there is also a problem with it. They may be at an advantage, but buyers are not and a lot of them are moving away from the housing market.  So they only have a limited number of buyers to cater to this summer, and just cannot afford to put them off. We had a talk with some of the best real estate agents in Houston, and they identified the following as the worst things that make potential buyers lose interest in your home.

A garage which you are using as something else

That garage which you have turned into a bedroom or living room may be perfect for you, but for other people, this is a turnoff.  A lot of buyers we know do have cars, and want a safe place to park them. None of them will be interested in buying a house that lacks this feature.

So what should you do? Convert it back into a garage.

And by the way, this does not just go for a garage; it goes for a bedroom as well.

Covered hardwood floors

You have a hardwood floor in your living room? Why have you covered it up with carpet? Why not show it off? Hardwood floors are a primary feature which most of today’s buyers want, and if you have one, you cannot let it remain hidden.

Remove the carpet, polish up your floor, and let it lure more buyers for you.

A child bedroom, featuring a wild theme

Do your kids love animals or maybe they love dolls? How are their bedrooms? Something that stepped out of a jungle or a fancy doll house wrapped up in pink and covered with too much lace and flowers? You might love the efforts your kids and you have put into decorating their rooms, but these very rooms will repel the buyers. We suggest that you remove all this décor before you list your house.

A pool

Love a dip in the cold, blue waters?  Enjoying this activity may be ideal for some, but it also leads to increased maintenance which most of the people out there will not prefer.


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