questions manySo you want to step into the housing market this year? What will you be:  a buyer or a seller? The first step you need to take is to hire a real estate agent to help you get through the transaction to the end. Whether you are going to be a buyer or a seller, you can count on a REALTOR™ to give you valuable advice and help you make a decision that is perfect for you in every sense. But how do you know your chosen real estate agent is a skilled one? Simple enough; ask the following questions and if you like their responses, they are going to be a great choice.

How much experience do you have?

A survey claims that the most helpful and knowledgeable REALTORS™ are those who have at least five years experience. If you hire people who have been less than this in the housing industry, they may not offer you good enough suggestions and problems may arise along the way. Go for experienced professionals and you can put most of the trouble behind you.

One more thing to note: Experience does not only mean the number of years, it also refers to the number of clients they have served successfully.  The higher this number is, the smoother the process will be for you.

What areas do you do business in?

Where do you want your next home to be? Houston, Dallas or elsewhere? The Downtown area or somewhere towards the outskirts? Decide on the location and then appoint an agent who works in these areas.

Also decide what sort of home you want to live in. Single family, multifamily or some other type? REALTORS™ offer their services in limited areas only, and these regions are those in which they have more knowledge and so can offer you better advice.

How will you communicate?

In today’s fast paced housing market, if communication is delayed by even a few hours, you may lose out on a great opportunity. This is why the manner in which your REALTOR™ communicates with you is really important. How do you like to communicate – by email, texts or faxes? Use an agent who communicates by the method which you use the most.

Hire an agent that best suits your needs and let them give you the edge you need to succeed.


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