valueThis spring season, there are many homeowners who are interested in renovating their houses.  Are you among these?  What project are you planning to take on? Do you want to redo your patio or install a swimming pool?  Yes, you are right. Whichever remodeling project you take, the value of your home will go up.  However, it may not be directly proportional to the amount you invest because a lot of other factors are involved. We talked to some home designing experts about this and they shared the following with us. You should know these facts and keep them in your mind before you start renovating your house.

Cost is not equal to value every time

We have already talked about this, but let’s elaborate on it a little further. When the value of your house is being determined, an appraiser will not just add the cost you spend in the remodeling project to your current home value. Instead, the appraiser will first evaluate a percentage of the buyers who will be willing to pay for that specific renovation. In every region, different renovation projects are given different priorities by the buyers which could alter the new value of your home.

A remodeling expert told us that renovations like new front doors, and kitchen and bathroom remodels are those projects which provide you with the maximum return on your investment.

Appraisers use the substitution principle

The substitution principle states that any buyer will not pay an extra amount for any special feature which can be incorporated by renovating another similar property. Assume that two homes are identical except for the kitchen. In one of these homes, the kitchen has been remodeled, $50,000 was invested. A similar kitchen remodel can also be done at $25,000. In this case, the buyers will opt for a cheaper home and carry out the renovation themselves, while saving $25,000.

More energy conversation features = higher value

If your house has a number of green, energy efficient features such as high efficient windows, PV systems and solar water heaters, your home value will probably be greater. The exact increase will depend on the value that buyers in your region will want to pay for these features.

Maintenance is just as important

While renovating, many people tend to forget maintenance, which actually has a higher priority.


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