green moveYou have finally bought a house you love! Perfect, but it is not over yet. Once the buying process is completed, the moving process starts, which can be both expensive and difficult. So how do you manage it? Perhaps you could remove the difficulties from the equation if you take help from the pros. As for the costs, there are so many ways to bring it down.

While moving, try to pay some attention to the environment as well and make sure you are not impacting it negatively. If truth be said, being green is one of the best ways to reduce your costs.

We talked to the pros about this, and they advised that you should use the services of a green moving company. Overall, this incurs lesser costs and there is no negative impact on the environment as well.

Green moving companies have trucks which run on renewable oil

Planning to hire professional movers for the job?  Make sure you hire the ones which use trucks operating on biodiesel fuel. This fuel is derived from renewable energy resources which do not harm the environment and are a cheaper alternative. Trucks that run on diesel fuel emit harmful substances into the air, which can cause cancer. In fact, research claims that diesel particulates are the cause of over 2,000 asthma attacks and other respiratory related problems.

Green moving companies use recyclable material for packing

Moving means an enormous number of packing boxes, which will ultimately go to the landfills. Not something you will want since you are so concern about the environment. A green moving company only uses recyclable materials for all your packing.

A representative at one such company told us that they do not use bubble wrap for packing fragile items. He added that natural popcorn can do a just as good job.

So how does this affect your costs? Since the boxes are made from recyclable materials, they are less expensive. And by the way if you return them back after moving, you will actually get a refund.

Green moving companies offer green storage solutions

Want to store your belongings for a day or two during the move? All the more reason to hire a green moving company. These companies will store your belongs in reusable and recyclable wooden vaults, which means you are only paying for space, and not for the container.


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