drone 5The 21st century has ushered in an era of technological wonder. High tech electronic gadgets have slowly permeated our lives and are influencing the way we interact and work. The unmanned drones are not just for spying anymore. They are now used as an effective tool to promote real estate.

More and more real estate agents are now using remote control “Drones” to help them promote their listings. Available for under $1000, these drones are controlled using a smart phone. They take birds’ eye pictures of the houses that are for sale by means of an electronic camera fitted on its wings.

A real estate agent in South Shore who recently bought this technological wonder for $850 from Amazon said, “Drones have proved a useful tool for me. I love technology and wanted to use these drones to take photos of properties that are on sizable lots. These drones help me save costs of paying for aerial photographs that costs as much as $175 per shot.”

In addition to getting aerial photographs, these drones also help in taking 360-degree views of the scenic spots and other attractions around homes that are up for sale. These drones help in taking professional aerial videos and photographs of houses that evoke positive feelings from those who view the videos and photographs.

“If potential buyers see the areas around the locality and what attractions it offers through this bird’s eye view”, says an expert real estate broker, “it is easier for them to make quick decisions.”

However, navigating these machines around poles, wires, and trees takes time to learn. Furthermore, there are no regulations regarding the safe operations of these machines in the sky. The current regulatory void relating to safety guidelines and appropriate operation of these drones has made it difficult for people to utilize this technology in a safe manner.

Most advocates of airborne drones are hoping for a lax approach to regulating these airborne tools with fewer restrictions that allow for creative use of the technology. The National Association of Realtors recently sent a letter to the FAA to issue rules and regulations for the safe usage of drones. The letter says that the technology is advancing with no regulation to govern it.

It is essential that FAA issue regulatory guidelines and speed up the process so that the people know how they can operate these drones to their maximum potential.

Source: www.tonyshap.com

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