3-D printerSounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? Actually it might just be true. You have already about 3-D printing that is being utilized for a lot of different things these days. In the future, this technology will probably be used in the real estate industry as well.

Known as Contour Crafting, this amazing new discovery can build a home with an area of 2,500 square feet in just 20 hours. This printer has been invented by researchers of a reputed university. In an interview, they told the press that their discovery offers versatility and can be used for building homes in slums and even on other planets. The researchers added that their technology was perfect for re-constructing houses in all those areas that get destroyed by natural disasters.

The 3-D technology does not offer just speed as the only benefit over manual construction. It has many other advantages as well when a comparison is made between the two, such as reduced costs, more durable homes, safer structures and more environment friendly procedures.

The 3-D printer is actually a massive robot, similar to a crane. It has an arm, which places all the components and a nozzle that sprays out concrete.

Home construction by the 3-D technology is really flexible in terms of home design and architecture.  By just slight changes in the computer code, all houses will look different and there will be no additional expenses for this.  As for the walls, they do not always have to be linear, but can be curvy as well. This paves way for even more beautiful design elements.

An industry expert said that home construction is one of those industries that has still not cashed in on 3-D automation, but that might not be so anymore. The professional stated that in today’s world, everything is automated, but building are still being built by hand,

Home construction does not only take time; it also leads to high costs and excessive waste. And this is not just it. The workforce health is also at risk. The new Contour Crafting technology offers a viable solution to all of these problems.

Even NASA is really excited about this new discovery. NASA has plans to use it for building habitats on the moon, Mars and other planets. They first want to set up laboratories at all these sites, and then see if complete housing can be developed.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

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