paint bright colorAre you tired of the paint on your walls? Do you have plans to buy new decorations or are you going to change the curtains hanging over the window? Having a hard time coming up with great colors? Maybe you could make your home look really interesting and appealing by going for a color that is among the hottest on the market this year.

The color marketing manager of a reputed wall paint company told us that this year the bolds seen last year are going to be replaced with some lighter shades for a fresh and new look. And it is not just the shades, the marketing manager also told us that even the combinations will be unique and will be ones that we have not been seen before.

We talked to a couple of designers and here are the modern, new colors which they shared with us.

Radiant Orchid

A reputed paint company has voted orchid as the shade of this year. Why was this decision made? Because orchid is bold and fresh, said one of the representatives of the company. She went onto suggest that it looks superb if it is used with colors like greens, yellows, chocolate and grays.


Regarded as serene and calm, linen is a color that has a soothing appearance. Use it any room and you will love the calming effect which it gives off.

Peacock Blue

Peacock blue is a total male color which designers regard as moody and masculine. Even though it is basically meant for males, it can be used anywhere in the house, particularly in small spaces such as pops of color in shelves and powder rooms. And there is another reason why we love this color so much; use it as an accent and it will appeal even more to the eyes.

Sunny side

Want to brighten up your room instantly? Go for orange, yellow and shades in between. These colors are suited more for the summer, but they will bring warmth into any room. A home designer suggested that blood orange looks stunning in an all white kitchen. He also added that a golden yellow color looks beautiful when you add some to the patio furniture.

Did you like any of the new colors? Use your favorites and you will love the new look of your house.


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