green shirt tool beltWinter is nearly over and the persistent chilly weather has taken its toll on our homes. The last couple of months are bound to have had an effect on your property, and if you want to see it in good shape and prolong its life, you need to cater to all the damages and repairs. As the spring season rounds the corner, here is what a thorough March maintenance session should comprise of.

Pep Up the Entry

Your house entrance is what sets the first impression to all your visitors, and so that is where your maintenance should start.  Examine your decks and porches; if there is any peeling paint, sand and apply another coat of paint or stain. Maybe you should even change the color for a fresh new appearance to indicate the start of a new season. Remove dust thoroughly from your front doors and windows, and repaint them as well if needed.

A home designing expert told us that accents are in, and a splash of color looks stunning. Go for shades like red, gold, or navy blue for a trendy effect.

Examine Your Roof

Climb atop your roof and remove all the garbage that has piled up on it such as fallen leaves, sticks and other debris. Carry out a thorough inspection, and if there are repairs to be made, do not wait to call a professional. Doing so will just lead to more damage.

Get Rid Of Smells

Once the winter season is over, bathrooms and kitchens often give off an unpleasant odor because of trapped moisture. Examine these areas for any gaps or cracks and if there is any leakage in the walls, floor or ceiling, tend to it right away. Be sure to look carefully under the sinks, behind the faucets, and in the shower areas.

Appoint a Home Inspector

A reputed repair professional stated that seeking the services of a home inspector before starting a maintenance session is really beneficial. Indeed, you need an inspection when you sell a home, but even if that is not so, you can still make good use of them. Utilize their services now, and they will be able to pinpoint the exact repairs your house needs and the order in which you should conduct them. Doing so will protect your investment in the long run. The average costs of hiring an inspector are between $200 and $400.


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