countertopsIn the past, homeowners often had to choose between beauty and easy maintenance when selecting materials. Not so anymore. Newer materials are being developed and there is no need of a compromise now. All the materials look real and can improve the appearance of your home. Yes, prices may be higher, but consider long term, and they will help you in saving money.

A reputed home designer regards these materials as super durable. Let’s take a look in more detail what they are all about.

Fiber Cement Siding

As the name implies, fiber cement siding is developed from a mixture of cement and wooden fibers. The end product will not rot or warp. You can find this product already in use in the market; it can be painted and attached to the exterior of your house just like the real thing. A designing pro claims the end look is authentic and genuine.

The paint in this product will last for nearly 15 years, after which you may need to repaint which will cost around $3,000. As for the warranty, that is around 30 years, but developers believe they will last for as much as 50 years.  The overall cost when you side you home with this cement-fiber wood siding is between $13,000 and $18,000. Compare this with wood, and you will find the cost to be 10% less.

Cellular PVC Trim

PVC is developed from plastic to which air is added to improve the density values. The product can be cut and shaped in any way you like.  Though, there is no need of repainting, a coat or two will make it look more realistic, and you need to do this only once every 25 years. PVC trim costs around $3,500 if you use it throughout the home. The product comes with a 25 year warranty.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are made from a combination of quartz and some other pigments. The resultant material is available in a large variety in the market, and you will find it in plenty of colors.  Cleaning is really simple and just requires a sponge. The material is resistant to stains and chips, which increases its lifetime. For most of the other countertops, maintenance also involves regular sealing as well, but not when you use quartz countertops.

As for the price, quartz countertops are available at around $6,000.


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