slippers wood floorBrrrr, the weather is still so chilly these days. Stepping onto the floor of your home can be a cold experience; especially if you have tile or hardwood floors. Have you ever thought getting a radiant heating system installed and have a warmer home floor?

There are two main types of radiant flooring heating systems: electric and hydronic that are installed beneath the flooring.

Hydronic system incur low operational costs

A hydronic system is one in which a network of plastic tubes is laid under the floor.  Hot water from a boiler runs through these tubes and heats up the floor. A hydronic system does not consume much energy, and so bearable operational costs are incurred. On the other hand, these systems are difficult to install but assign the job to a pro, and it will not be an issue for them.

Generally, you should go for a hydronic system if you want to heat most of the floor.

Electrical heating systems are a more affordable investment

An electrical heating system operates on a heating element that is integrated with a plastic mat beneath the floor. Such a system is a more affordable investment, but incurs greater operational costs. As such, you should only make use of them in small spaces, such as a kitchen or a bathroom. You can install such a system yourself, but for the final connections, it is best to hire the pros.

Instead of a mesh, you can also use a loose cable to apply heat, which you can affix with staples or glue. This cable is coated with a layer of plastic, foil or fabric for protection. There are other mats available as well, and all of them will probably be cheaper than the mesh mat mentioned above.

Take a note of these things

Install the system only in places where you walk. The corners of a room or the space beneath your refrigerator need not be kept heated throughout the day. Doing this will reduce your installation costs.

A radiant heating system can only be installed under some floors such as laminate, stone, hardwoods or concrete. If you have another flooring option in your home, you probably will not want to invest in a heating system because you will also have to change the flooring.

Buy a system with programmable thermostat so that energy can be saved.


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