garden 2Are you planning to sell your house this year? Why not make some effort to make it look nicer and increase the value. And gardening is it. According to a real estate agent, a well-maintained exterior attracts more buyers and helps in closing of deals faster. Plus, it may also raise the value of your home, which implies you can get a better deal. A little effort is all you need to make it work out in your favor.

If you regularly maintain the exterior of your home and have a beautiful lawn to take care of then you are aware of the gardening essentials. Yes, we know the weather is still downright cold. What if your plants do not grow or blossom? They will, if you plant the right sort. Do it at the right time; come spring time, and your garden will be really healthy and emit a sweet fragrance in the air.  Here is what you can do to make your house more attractive and sell it quicker.

February is the month when every tree and shrub has to be pruned and protected. If the temperatures in your area, do not fall that low, you can plant new trees of all sorts to provide your garden with a fresh look. Choose these now rather than later because you will have a lot of choice in this regard when you visit the nurseries. For the areas where winter is extremely chilly, you can opt for rose bushes, evergreens and deciduous shrubs.

Prune all the shrubs and trees; for the plants, do not do this until they have bloomed. Towards the end of the month, treat your garden with a dormant spray. Do this only if you spot new buds; if this has not happened as yet, this task can be delayed until early February. Also make sure there are no fallen leaves because they will damage the grass.

Should there be plenty of snow in your area, remove it from the branches and trees. Make sure you do it in an upward manner so that none of the limbs break. Avoid delaying this task because if the snow turns to ice, the branches will break. You will then have to have another pruning session.

Try this gardening advice, and we are sure prospective buyers are going to love your house, and will agree to pay you better prices. Good luck with your home selling.


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