burglaryThe holidays may have come to an end, but the effects of what happened during the season, can be felt in many homes across the country. You might have enjoyed the festivities, and you’re still happy that you had a splendid Christmas and New Year. On the other hand, what if you got robbed during the holidays? Not only were your celebrations spoiled, but it will take you quite some time to earn back the amount of money that was stolen. Compared to any past year, the holidays of 2013 witnessed an increased number of burglaries in different parts of the country.

According to the FBI, December was the month when burglaries took place more than they have in the rest of the year. Many homes are empty, and are not missed by the prying eyes of lurking thieves. According to the stats, the number of robberies in December increased by nearly 18%, which is quite a significant rise. Similar figures have also been recorded for summer vacations. Though burglaries can be timed any time during the holiday season, the Christmas week was a prime favorite of many burglars.

Probably the prime reason behind more burglaries is empty houses, which makes the task fairly easy. They are so easy to identify thanks to the severe storms that the winter season so often sees. So if the snow around your house is not shoveled, the burglars are likely to make it a target because it is such an obvious sign you are not at home.  Another reason is that houses are filled with many expensive goodies such as tablets, Smartphones and jewelry.

Even though the holiday season is now over, you should still take steps to protect your house. After all, you never know when misfortune can strike. Incorporate an efficient security system in your house, complete with cameras, sensors and detectors if you have the budget. If your funds are not that much, you can at least make use of a simple alarm system. Whichever you choose, you will probably pay lower premiums for your home insurance policy, and if you select the former option, you will even increase the value of your home.

That is just one step, and three benefits. Go ahead, and get it done before summer gets here!

Source: www.money.cnn.com

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