modern homeIn recent times, hurricanes, floods and storms have caused quite a catastrophe whenever and wherever they have struck. Are natural disasters getting fiercer or are sturdy homes not being built anymore? The answer to both posed questions cannot really be determined with certainty. What we would like to state here is the fact that you cannot really do much about the storm as it will strike as it pleases. As for the homes, you can do quite a lot and you should definitely consider building stronger houses. There are so many new standards in the industry related to efficient and modular buildings, and you should make sure you follow them.

And when it is winter, and the weather is really chilly outside, an energy efficient home is an extremely good idea. Turn on the heating system, and your bills are bound to rise. Do you want to lower these? Convert your home into an energy efficient one; and your bills will fall by as much as 50%. Obviously, you will have to have some funds initially for all the technical upgrades, but in the long run you will actually be saving money.

An owner of an energy efficient home told us that his electricity bills were only $80 a month, whereas his neighbor paid as much as $200 in the winter season. Do the statistics surprise you? We were, which is exactly why we want you to look into this new technology.

Recently, we caught up with a real estate industry expert, and decided to question him about it. He had a lot of interesting answers for us, and here is a quick recap with all that he said.

When you upgrade your home, and use energy efficient technology throughout, can you really save money when you factor in the utilities and maintenance costs? Surprisingly the answer is yes, but your savings will depend on a number of factors. According to our interviewee, these are fuel costs, local climate, amount of energy being produced in the house and the implemented efficiency measures.

The industry expert also told us that if you build your house based on solar technology, you will actually be using 90% less energy than a standard home. As such, you can definitely enjoy a significant amount of savings. Though it will be quite a number of years before you realize this, the technology is indeed worth it.


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