questions and answersAcquiring approval for a mortgage loan has always been a complex and lengthy process. Ever since the requirements were tightened, the procedure has become even more difficult and a large number of applications are rejected by lenders. This, along with the reduced home inventory levels, has caused a lot of trouble for all those individuals who want to become a homeowner. The situation is even worse for first time buyers who have to face additional issues in the form of their student debts, low credit scores, lack of experience and other factors.

A real estate expert stated that you can become a homeowner if you are aware of the direction in which the market is heading, have a job history and can show that your debt-to-income ratio is low. The professional went on to say that before you actually delve into the process, you should have a feasible financial plan and should discuss your specific situation with a reputed mortgage professional who would be able to provide you with valuable advice.

Before you meet up with a professional, you should ask yourself a set of key questions. A recent survey has highlighted the following ones to be the most important that can make it easier for you to come to a decision.

Is It The Right Time To Become A Homeowner?

The survey regards this to be a really significant question that can help you in making the right decision. Being a homeowner is not only about arranging money for mortgage payments. There are other things as well such as maintenance, insurance and d├ęcor; you would also need to arrange money for all of these.

A certified public accountant at a financial advisory service stated that even if you succeed in getting a loan, you should determine if you are emotionally ready. Evaluate if you can use your money for other added expenses that arise in the process without putting yourself under stress.

Which Locality Do You Prefer?

Decide on a neighborhood for your new home in advance. Home prices vary with every region so doing this is very important. Once you decide this, figure out if you would be willing to stay in the same pace for the next couple of years.

Is Your Credit Score Good Enough?

Your credit score should be in an acceptable range; without this, there is no way you are getting an approval.


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