budgetcutsVarious design changes have been in trend for some time. However, they’re usually restricted to size, space or budget which makes them usable for only a small percentage of home owners who have the size, space and budget to make it possible to use that design. Nonetheless, several renowned designers have taken note of that fact and have decided to create housing that is stunning yet cost effective.

Being inductees of the BUILDER’s Wm. S. Marvin Hall of Fame for Design Excellence, these award winning designs are flexible and can be utilized by various designers as well. Among their favorites and current trends, they have given the following tips and suggestions on current designing trends:

Get Rid of Unwanted Rooms

Often times, there are some rooms around the house that aren’t used as frequently as others such as dining room for guests only. By freeing up these rooms and utilizing them in a more usable manner, it’s possible to create the illusion of bigger space. A small house can feel more comfortable when more of it is actually livable.

Be Bright and Bold

Dull and drab colors are a definite no-no. Utilize bright colors whenever possible and you’ll instantly get a more vibrant living area. Cabinetry and fixtures are a popular choice for colorful and bright finishes. With bolder finishes and other elements, it’s quite possible to create a resort or spa like feel in your home.

Use up Empty Spaces in a Thoughtful Manner

Think about all the empty spaces around the house and try to fill them with useful embellishments. An empty wall can be perfectly filled in a floor to ceiling bookcase or have a shelf that provides easy access and can be used for storage. Similarly, empty spaces under windows can be fixed by installing a window seat that increases the usability of the window as well.

Listen to the Client

When it comes down to it, it’s important to listen to the client. Help clients communicate their vision for their new dwelling. After all, the clients are the ones who are going to be living there. That is why, it is necessary to make sure that the house design incorporates everything that they are looking for and more.

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