many peopleDemand for real estate in Houston is always high. While Houston has always been an ideal metropolitan, it is in the last couple of years that we have seen people coming in by the thousands. A recent study reveals that on average 4,000 people move to Houston on a monthly basis. The following is a list of factors that may help explain these trends:


Houston is a growing economy, especially due to the oil and gas industry that has become synonymous with the city. Houston is among the top 3 cities of the US as far as economic prosperity is concerned. Despite the recession, a yearly growth of 3.2% is expected till 2016. This adequately explains why many people are and will continue to relocate to Houston. But wait, there’s more.

Facilities and Amenities

Houston has everything that you can ask for. We have already explained the employment opportunities, but there is also an abundance of quality education centers. Not to mention the high-end malls where you can embark on a shopping spree whenever you like.

Houston is also known for its world-class healthcare facilities. People from across the globe visit Houston for major surgical operations. And as far as the living experience is concerned, you will find it easy to merge in the vibrant mix of cultures in this city. Even the weather allows for year-round outdoor activities, creating a great quality of life for residents.

You can freely stroll around in more than 32,000 acres of parks, and more than a 100 golf courses, not counting the tennis courts and swimming pools. In short, whatever you need will be provided to you in this city. Where do you think the Apollo 13 called when they were in trouble?

Affordable Living

As mentioned above, Houston has all the features you need to have the big-city experience. And when it comes to the cost of living, Houston is one of the least expensive metros you will find in the world where the population exceeds a million.  Houston is the 4th largest city in America, yet the costs of real estate, transportation, utilities, electricity, and health care are all below the national average.

All of this and more explains why foreigners are heading to this city in quantities that exceed local relocation.

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