home design sketchRecently, a survey was constructed with a sample size of around 500 homeowners and 500 to be homeowners. Their responses were taken, and analyzed in order to find out the features which they want most in houses. Here are the top designing details that were given more preference than the rest.

Exclusive Kitchens

Kitchens should be extremely exclusive and modernized. The entrance should be decorated with arches and open out into a wide space, big enough for a small dining table. The cabinets should be full height with attractive designs and colors. The floor should be covered with Carrara marble of a subtle shade. On one side of the kitchen there should be a huge marble counter that makes the perfect setting for a quick snack or evening tea. Along with this, there should be a huge pantry of about 5×12 feet with a frosted door.

Kitchens Near the Patios

Kitchens should be built as close to the patios as possible. This would make it easier to dine out when the weather is good or when there is a barbeque party.

Formal Dining Room

As a seller, you might not want this in your home, but the buyers still do. A formal dining room is a great place to hold an intimate family gathering on holidays and when there are celebrations. The room might not be used much, but is still considered valuable all the same because it is the place where laughter and heart felt talks take place over dinner, making the environment light, warm and loving.


Garages should be built close to the kitchen. This makes it easier to unload the groceries, and is highly preferable for homeowners, especially the ones who are older.

Laundry Rooms

Even if you do not have much space, you should construct a laundry room in the house. Make sure there is enough room for a work table, an ironing board and full sized cabinets.

Master Beds on the Upper Floors

Master bedrooms aren’t always kept on the ground floor. You can also construct one on the upper floors. If you have ample space, install an elevator as well that leads right into it.

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