videosReal estate professionals know that buying or selling a home can be a life changing, highly emotional experience. However, there’s a way to leverage that emotion: video. When you add video to your online listing, you have created a powerful real estate marketing tool. Video not only helps you appeal to a larger market, but it can also help you sell homes faster.

Showcase the Feel of a Home 
While property photographs help potential homebuyers see themselves in a home, videos take it a step further. They can showcase the happiness and comfort a seller enjoyed while living in a home, turning the traditional idea of cleansing a listing of all of a seller’s personality upside down. Today, many sellers are comfortable in front of a camera and buyers frequently seek out videos as a way to get a better feel for a home. In addition to visualizing themselves in your listing, buyers can virtually experience what it is like to live in the home.

Agent videos have also undergone a transformation. Agents and brokers no longer simply walk through a home with a camera and describe each room. Today’s videos are more effective because they are more creative. Some agents even hire a videographer in order to capture a truly professional feel. Others use their own equipment, study and enhance a home’s lighting and write a script themselves.

Video DIY
Are you ready to channel your inner Spielberg and shoot a video on your own? If so, you might want to try a “seller interview.” Choose the most attractive area of the home to conduct a relaxed and personable interview with the seller(s). Keep it short (2 to 3 minutes max) and encourage the seller to talk about the great times they’ve had in their home and in the area. Make sure you play up the property’s biggest “wow” factors and think about your target market to ensure that your video caters to that demographic. You don’t have to show the entire home in the video, just the best parts.

Remember, if your seller is camera-shy, create something entertaining alone or with a colleague. Have fun with it and your enthusiasm will come across to potential buyers. The possibilities for videos are endless. Find your client’s comfort level, keep your target market in mind and go for it! You’ll be surprised by the interest a short, well-thought out video can generate.


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