running coupleThe real estate market has gone through a mini revival recently, with prices of houses increasing and a flurry of activity relating to the buying and selling of homes. A new report has been conducted, which suggests, that living standards in an area, have a higher ratio of home appreciation amongst people, and therefore a much better chance of people buying homes in that locality and as a result the prices of homes in that area increasing.

The study took into account factors, which were related to the health and wealth of a locality. The main considerations were the environment, quality of air, chronic disease rates, house appreciation, recreational activity options, rate of employment, and foreclosure discounts.

The list of the top housing market for health in the United States:

  1. Texas
  2. North Dakota
  3. South Dakota
  4. Utah
  5. North Carolina
  6. California
  7. Tennessee
  8. Montana
  9. Wyoming
  10. Iowa


There are tons of options for people, when they want to live in a clean and natural environment, but some markets stand head and shoulders above others. Texas ranks as number 1 in the list of healthiest places to buy a home, as well as being one of the most economically viable places to buy a property in the United States.

The study also revealed a strong interest from people, who now want to take into account the factors relating to health and wealth in a locality. This has come at a time where the prices of houses all over the country are at an all time high, and people are looking at economically viable properties which will give them good value for their money.

People nowadays are taking other factors into account when they buy a home. Just because a home is available at decent recent rates does not guarantee a sale now. Factors such as the health and wealth of the locality, along with the recreational, educational, employment and economic ratios have to be top notch for people to consider buying a home. Buying a home is not just an investment, since it affects a lot of things in your life, and people want to move to a place, where their family can thrive financially as well as health wise.

There are lots of places in the United States where you could find a locality, which can offer you a solid price on the house along with health and wealth incentives, but Texas stands tall above all of them.

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