appliancesIt’s always a good idea to find simple ways to save energy at home.  Along with saving money on utility bills, you also have environmental reasons to reduce energy usage in your home.  While the use of renewable energy is growing, as of 2012 electricity from renewable sources was only about 12 percent while 88 percent was generated from nuclear energy and burning fossil fuels that included oil, coal and natural gas.  Including safety concerns and how to safely dispose of nuclear waste, nuclear power has its own environmental issues and using fossil fuels contributes to air pollution.

Here are some resources from that will help you make a smart selection when it comes time to buy a new water heater, refrigerator, furnace, computer or anything that runs on natural gas or electricity:

Labels – There are two labels to look for when you’re shopping for appliances.

  • The energy star label that shows you the product meets the Energy Star program’s energy efficiency standards.
  • The bright yellow Energy Guide Label.  This is a government mandated label designed to help you compare energy usage of different products.  It provides an estimate of yearly electricity usage.  This label is not required but it’s very easy to spot!

Including energy efficiency tips and a complete list of all Energy Star qualified products, the Energy Star website has a lot of information.  You will find a wide variety of products that qualify including heating and cooling equipment, computers, televisions as well as light bulbs and fans.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy is another good resource.  To find product information, just click on the Consumer Resources section.  Along with great energy saving tips, the site also links to the Energy Star qualified products categories.  Top Ten USA also has helpful links and is another great place to find product information.  This site highlights the 10 most efficient models in each product category.  It also provides information on where to find retailers as well as pricing i.e. all medium sized refrigerators are Energy Star qualified but only the top ten most efficient are listed.

These websites are a great place to get started so you can narrow down your choices by creating a concentrated list of energy efficient options.


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