As we see prices for the latest technological trends decreasing, we see more implementation of innovations that will increase the energy-efficiency of homes.  Green building is headed toward smarter insulation, more efficient energy-efficient appliances, and better usage of energy.  Houses are already being built with these new technologies.  Advances like these are going to decrease carbon footprints and help our environment while benefiting homeowners both physically and financially.   Homeowner’s are less likely to default on their home loan if the house is energy-efficient and these improvements will lead to healthier residents.

Environmental activists have placed an obligation on homebuilders for greener solutions in building.  Homes in the near future will offer a variety of innovations and be substantially more energy-efficient and extremely greener than today’s homes.  Following are the top innovations leading to Smarter Green Building:

Conserving Energy Resources

Future homes will benefit from the increasing efficiency of green technologies.  They will be self-reliant by managing and storing the energy needed to power them.  This will be accomplished through a combination of solar power and fuel cells.  Unused power will be stored in batteries for future uses and extra energy will be sent back to the grid.

Greater Energy-Efficient Appliances

As we’ve already experienced, appliances today use substantially less energy than in the past.  The future of these designs will only improve energy-efficiency in appliances.  Homes and their appliances will use significantly less electricity and be even greener than today.  Comparing today’s energy-efficient appliances with those that we’ll use in the next 10 years will reflect that today’s appliances weren’t so energy-efficient after all.

Greener Insulation

As you well know, a home’s energy consumption depends on the insulation along with the amount of insulation used.  Insulation is becoming more efficient, more effective, and smaller.   This smaller insulation will prevent heat from escaping and keep homes warmer than today’s insulation because less power will be used in the home.  As a result, its energy ratings will increase.

Future Affordability

At present using the geo-thermal heat pump is too expensive to implement.  However, as the technology begins to age, the price will begin to drop and become more affordable.  As a result, future homes will be able to use the Earth’s constant temperature to heat water underground and bring it back into the home as warm water.

Biomorphic Skins

While this technology sounds way too futuristic to be around, it’s available.  This technology allows a home to react to the outside temperatures.  It will insulate and absorb heat on warm days and will convert to a tinted shade to prevent too much light.  On darker days, it will convert to clear and release some of the stored heat.   Rain is captured by walls and used for interior needs on dry days.  It’s only a matter of time before this technology is affordable enough to be implemented in homes.

Home building is progressively becoming more and more sustainable and will help contribute to decreasing emissions and an improved green lifestyle.


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