One of the biggest trending features in estate homes is a room designated as a Theatre Room.  It consists of more than just a big screen TV, surround sound, and popcorn.  You can build a room that mirrors a movie theatre, with better technology of course, and that is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  It can be as lavish or low key as you would like it to be.  For the purpose of this article, the ideas will be more on the lavish side of style.

Room décor

To have a theatre room that looks like a real movie theater, you need to have a color scheme that goes well with each other and resembles the styles of old time theatres.  Newer theatres don’t have that old world charm to them anymore.  Great color combinations for walls and floors are red and black, gold and black, burgundy and black, and burgundy and gold.  For example, red walls with black trim or gold walls with black trim.  Theatre style seats that are in a solid color are ideal and should be coordinated with the color scheme you’re using.   Now pick a carpet that will go well with the color scheme or you can use tile, wood, etc.  The ceiling can have a sky with stars on it or a cathedral look.

Put up theatre style curtains around your screen, red with gold trim or gold with black trim.  You’ll need a 3D projector screen and a projector.  The floor below the screen will need to be elevated a step or two to give that real theater feel.    Your surround sound speaker system can be hidden by acoustic panels that you can have custom made in the color and material you want to use.  Great ideas for your wall décor include framed pictures of movie posters, actors and actresses from different eras.

Mini bar

You will want to have a mini bar in the theatre room equipped with a refrigerator drawer and a freezer drawer with icemaker.  The drawers are more spacious than a mini-fridge.   You also want a microwave for heating foods, popping popcorn, and melting butter.   The freezer drawer can be used to store wieners, pizza, and hamburger patties.  All the condiments and soft drinks will go in the refrigerator drawer.   Be sure to stock the bar with your favorite alcohols and wines.

Decide which color schemes you want to incorporate throughout the room. Now you’re ready to start designing your theater room.  When it’s ready, you and your family will have a luxurious movie theater in your home.  Please remember to turn your cell phone off so you don’t get kicked out of the theater.

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