Are you getting ready to build a home?  When building a home there are a few interior design styles you can choose from.  It’s best to select your colors and upgrades to fit the design style you will have.  A few styles to take into consideration are:  culturally inspired, eccentric, shabby chic, garden, funky, New York, traditional, classic, and contemporary.

Culturally inspired designs replicate certain cultures.  Tuscan and Moroccan are examples of culturally inspired designs.  Tuscan-inspired homes include natural hues accented with rich reds and ochers found in the landscape of Tuscany, Italy.  Muted tones blend the furniture, walls, and floors into a soothing setting that’s welcoming.  Moroccan-inspired homes include verandahs and lavish ceiling accessories along with the use of shiny fabrics, pillows, and bed sheets.

Eccentric style homes shun design rules and conventional ideas.  This design includes contrasting mixtures of a variety of colors on sets of furniture.  This style of home is a form of self-expression.

Shabby chic design incorporates the British look.  This style includes all white walls, floors, and ceilings accented with vintage accessories resting on distressed furniture.  A feminine feel can be accomplished with soft pastels.

Garden style brings the indoors to life by bringing the outdoors in.  Live plants are placed throughout the house to accompany landscape pictures.  Large windows allow sweeping views of the exterior landscape.  Patio doors are used in more than one room.  Vibrant and natural colors are used and a plant-filled sunroom is included.

Funky style has very clean elements.  Bulky, comfortable chairs set against stark lines of tables with metal legs.  Bright colors are in the chairs while the rest of the room allows for accents to be included throughout.

New York style has open rooms that are accented with neutral paint colors and contrasting furniture.  The edges of rooms are lined with furniture that allows easy traffic flow through main corridors.  Storage is hidden in beautiful furnishings made of intriguing materials.  Light fixtures are eye-catching accents.

Traditional interior designs come from many years of practical home styles.  This style incorporates solidness and homeliness.  Solid hard wood is set against soft earth tones on the wall.  The fabrics are dainty, warm, and very comfortable.  The accessories are classic pieces and can include family pictures and heirlooms.

Classic designs have elements that create smooth blending of all the accessories and furnishings. Timeless pieces and soft and seamless color combinations are used in this style.

Contemporary design focuses on minimalism and the use of bold colors. Sophisticated furniture styles are positioned against spacious backgrounds with plenty of room for accents and accessories.  The style incorporates unique and abstract pieces.



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