The real estate sector has finally caught up to technology so to speak.   Technology gurus have been known to try out the latest technology trend as soon as it hits the market.  However, homebuilder’s didn’t start integrating strong technologically advanced gadgets into their plans until more recently.  According to Forbes magazine, smart home technology is one of the most requested amenities in new homes.   While smart homes (residences wired for home automation) have been around for quite some time, the newest systems use Apple products such as, the iPad or iPhone to automate homes.  This newer technology is more effective and actually less expensive.

More and more consumers are moving to Bluetooth technology.  Bluetooth claims its technology is “by far the most successful of any short-range wireless technology used in a home.”  Since most homeowner’s already have at least one Bluetooth enabled hub device, they can use it to control their lights, temperature, household appliances, window and door locks, and security systems within in their home.   To use Bluetooth technology for smart home automation, you will need access points throughout the house as the range is only 30 feet.

In addition, there are new types of devices that support both Bluetooth and wireless LAN.  For example, Red-m is a device that supports both wireless and Bluetooth devices.  Products  like this help bring Bluetooth and wireless automation together to make smart home automation easier for consumers.

Even if you’re not looking for the most advanced technology in your home, there are a lot of ways to make sure automating your home can be cost effective.  Be sure to wire your home for everything including wireless connections.  Integrating your heating and air conditioning system with your lighting fixtures is an energy-saving option that will be cost effective in the long run.  You’ll help save the planet while saving money for yourself.

Moreover, there are a few all-in-one home remote controls available to consumers such as, control4 and Logitech’s universal remote.  These types of remotes can allow consumers to control indoor and outdoor amenities.  Having only one remote to control everything in your home makes automation so much easier.

Spending a little more money up front on automating your home while in the construction phase, is a   cost effective solution for consumers in the long run.  In addition to saving money, it’s an effective way to “go green” and help save the planet.  “Living simple” just got a lot easier.



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