The garage is so much more to men than just a storage room or a place to park vehicles and sports equipment. Here are some cool ways to give the garage the glory it deserves:


Pumped-Up Lighting

How can a man work on his car or tinker with tools if he can’t see what he’s doing? You want lighting that will provide clear visibility at night or when the door is down. If you’re not on board with upgrading the built-in lighting fixtures, investing in a few high-beam portable work lights that can easily be moved around and put away when not in use, just could fill the bill.


The Coveted Auto Lift

Any true auto aficionado would be thrilled to have a portable two-post lift with a large weight limit and storage capacity, but this is only ideal if the garage has higher ceilings.

Another option that’s a convenient choice is a hydraulic floor jack with 3-ton capacity which will allow you to access otherwise impossible parts of your prized vehicle.


Premium Flooring

An affordable option is to apply an epoxy coating, which is resistant to those permanent, ugly stains that build up on a basic concrete floor. If you’ve got the extra cash, you might want to invest in customized garage floor tiles, which interlock and can be easily installed.


The Almighty Air Compressor

A dream tool for any handy guy, an air compressor means you can keep your tires full, but you’ll also be able to power those other favorites’ tools like spray guns, wrenches and drills. Unadulterated “Guy Fun”, but just be careful what time of day you use it or you may be in the doghouse with your neighbors.


Garage Sink with Hot and Cold Water

A divided sink with large basins and a tall spout is the holy grail for grease monkeys, but any sink that allows you to wash your hands and keeps you from trying to open the door to the house with your elbows is…sweet!


Vote for a Shop Vac

What’s not to love about being able to vacuum up leaves, dirt, debris and any other crud that has found its way into your car or onto your garage floor? The wet-or-dry shop vac is the one you want, unless you’ve spent the bucks for a central vac system in the house, and you put an outlet in the garage.


The Must-Have Sound System

A guy can’t be expected to spend hours in the garage without being able to listen to music, or his fave sporting events. Sure, sometimes you’re in the garage ‘because you’re seeking a little peace and quiet, but other times you’ve just got to crank up the tunes. If you can’t justify a quality sound system, even a generic stereo system with radio capabilities will enhance the ambiance of your tricked-out garage.






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