As technology continues to infiltrate the real estate industry, it has forever changed the way people shop for houses. If you’re getting ready to list your home in today’s technology-savvy world, be sure to take into consideration just how important video has become to the entire process.

When potential buyers look at houses online, they want to see more than just a few photos of the best rooms. Today’s buyers want a 360-degree video tour that will provide a better understanding of the home’s entire layout, including all the rooms within. With video, you can show each room, taking prospective buyers down the hallways, looking at everything as you go by.

Before you even get your camera out, make sure the entire house is ready to be filmed. That means cleaning it thoroughly and preparing the rooms you’ll be shooting in order to show off their best features. For example, set the dining room table as if you were about to host a lavish dinner party. If you have a fireplace, get it roaring to create a homey look.

When creating your video, there’s no need to provide commentary. Instead, let the pictures tell the story. However, if you’re looking to enhance your video, you can always add some soothing background music once it’s done. As you shoot, imagine what the buyer is thinking as you move from room to room and try to focus on the things that will appeal to the masses.

Don’t worry about special effects or weird camera angles when shooting your film. Remember, the purpose of your video is to create a product that will help you better showcase your home, ultimately leading to a faster sale.

In addition to supplying video of the house, spend some time taking footage of the neighborhood as well. Prospective buyers will get a better feel for the area if you showcase parks, trails and even nearby stores. Just be sure that if any people appear in the video, you get their permission. If you’re really creative, get some of your neighbors to take part in the video and have them talk about what they like best about the neighborhood and surrounding area. It’s important to remember that anything you can do to make your video stand out can only help.

One last tip: Once you’ve finished filming, try to keep your house in the same condition as it is in the video. When buyers come around for showings or open houses, you don’t want them to feel as if they were cheated out of the beautifully clean and tidy house they were first drawn to in the video.

Because so many markets are being overrun with houses for sale, it’s always smart to do something different that will set your listing apart from the others. Video adds an intimacy to a listing that a page full of photos and text can’t convey.

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By Keith Loria

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