Is the electronic faucet finally ready for the spotlight? Many manufacturers believe it is, and there are those in the plumbing industry that are trying to capture the buyer’s attention with sleek new models!

The problem manufacturers have had is getting their product into the average home even though there are hygienic benefits and water conservation aspects with the new “hands-off” features. Consumers have been hesitant for a few reasons: inconsistent functionality (commercial applications) and the inability to adjust the water’s temperature.

Well…times are changing and new technology has changed the game!

Moen has introduced MotionSense technology; “created to respond directly to consumers’ behaviors and preferences in the kitchen,” states Jack Suvak – senior director of research and insights. “With the wave of a hand or by placing a cup beneath the spout, you are treated to a moment of delight as you experience a faucet that intuitively understands exactly what you are trying to do and responds immediately to your needs.”

Another brand, KWC’s (Swiss Brand) ONO touch light PRO faucet line features additional options that make their product more versatile and flexible. You have the choice of a permanently mounted fixture or a wireless control with a magnet base that can be attached to a variety of surfaces.  The simple touch of a finger or elbow activates the controls.

The first commercial products were cumbersome and aesthetically unappealing but today’s products are more sophisticated in design with “sexy” curves and smooth lines.

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