Change the siding? Add new shrubbery? Replace the cracked sidewalk? When it comes time to enhance the curb appeal of your home, there are a multitude of improvement projects you can consider-but which ones will add the highest resale value to your home?

The best advice is to “think big” and invest in projects that make a significant impact on the exterior of your home. Adding window flower pots or garden flags are a nice touch, but they don’t add lasting value to a home. To enhance your enjoyment while living in your home, and to add resale value when you decide to sell your house, consider projects that impressively kick up the overall value of your home. Some tips to accomplish this goal include:

1. Create a Bay or Bow Window on the front of your home. Take out a few side-by-side Double Hung windows and opt to replace them with a Bay or Bow window. These dramatic windows extend the living space on the interior of the home and create a new focal point for a house. Make certain to maximize your investment by insisting on low-maintenance ENERGY STAR qualified windows, such as the vinyl Bay and Bow windows manufactured by Simonton Windows .

2. Invest in a strong roof with a strong warranty. The roof is one of the most vulnerable areas of the home’s structure, so when it’s time to replace it, start with lots of research. Look for a low-maintenance roof that can withstand fire, high winds, impact, hail and severe weather. One company, DaVinci Roofscapes, offers a 50-year limited warranty on their synthetic roofing tiles that come in slate and shake styles.

3. Enhance the entryway with brick panels. Set off the area surrounding the entry door with environmentally-friendly panelized brick product. Available from Performance Brick , these panels are made of recycled gypsum and reinforced with high-density polymer materials. The overlapping and interlocking panels install quickly to the exterior of the home and come in “no repeat patterns” to assure a one-of-a-kind look.

4. Add decorative millwork around windows and doors. Trimless doors and windows equate to a boring home exterior. By investing in low maintenance urethane window crossheads that sit atop windows, and pilasters that travel vertically up the sides of doors, homeowners can embellish the exteriors of their homes. Small touches can go a long way.

5. Replace a window with a decorative glass accent window. Select a front-facing window on your home’s exterior that’s in a hallway or guest bathroom and replace it with an artistic decorative glass window to add sparkle inside and outside the home. Considered “art for the walls” these windows feature a variety of clear and colored glass pieces and swirls accented by black or patina caming for added elegance.

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