Between spring cleaning and summer inspiration, it’s not uncommon to be bitten by the remodeling bug this time of year. And thanks to popular home improvement shows and the ever-growing “DIY” movement, you might be tempted to hit the hardware store and start hammering, painting or grouting this weekend.

“Yes, being motivated to re-do some aspect of your home is a wonderful feeling,” says Fritschen, author of Remodel or Move?TM Make the Right Decision and founder of “But as with all big projects, it’s always best to think a home remodel through and take all variables into account before you begin.”

If you have a remodel project in mind for this summer, read on for Fritschen’s insight on summer remodeling, and why this is the perfect time of year for many projects:

First, learn about the many advantages of remodeling in the summer:

It can happen while you’re gone: If you’re one of the many families who go to the beach, mountains, or Grandma’s house for a week or so during the summer, Fritschen suggests scheduling your remodel to coincide so that you’ll be out of the house while the job is done. The workers will have more space, you won’t have to worry about safety hazards and staying out of their way, and you’ll be able to come home to a new and improved house.

Long days = faster completion. Everybody loves long, warm summer evenings. And remodelers have another reason to be thankful for more daylight hours and warm weather: longer working days! “Mother Nature makes it so much easier to complete projects in a timely manner during the summer,” Fritschen confirms.

You can eat al fresco. Summer is a wonderful time to remodel kitchens in particular because you don’t have to use them in order to eat well. While your kitchen is transformed, fire up the outdoor grill and eat on your patio furniture. “You could even spread a quilt in the yard and have a good old-fashioned picnic!” Fritschen suggests.

If exposure is necessary, it’ll be friendly! The fact is, you can expose your house to the elements more safely in summer. Whether you have an open wall because you’re adding on to your house, are replacing windows, or just want to open the windows and doors so the new-paint smell isn’t overwhelming, summer is ideal.

“Temperature and inclement weather aren’t likely to be big concerns in many regions,” Fritschen says. “Plus, if things do get wet, the higher temperatures will help them dry out faster.”

You’re more likely to be inspired. For a variety of reasons, your creative inspiration might peak in summer. It’s a happy, colorful season that leaves many people feeling extra-energized and motivated.
“Also, you might be out and about more in the warmer weather,” points out Fritschen. “You’re more apt to get ideas both from other people’s homes and in stores. So if you think a remodel might be in the cards for you—this summer or in the future—be sure to keep your eyes open for inspiration.”

It’s easier to maintain neighborly relations. Even if you and your neighbors are the best of friends, loud, noisy construction in the neighborhood can be frustrating—not to mention having to deal with extra vehicles and (depending on the nature of the project) blocked-off sections of road. According to Fritschen, these annoyances are most likely to have minimal effect during the summer.

“People are least likely to be homebound during the summer,” he says. “Who knows? Maybe your neighbors will be on their vacation during your remodel. Plus, everyone else on the block is more likely to be engaging in noisy outdoor activities as well. Between the sounds of mowers and kids playing, for instance, maybe any extra noise from your lot won’t be noticed.”

You can go underground to beat the heat. If you’ve been wanting to work on your basement, do it now…especially if heat is an issue for you. Your basement will be cool but not freezing, which will definitely be the case if you wait till later in the year.

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