Responsible lot and site development.

The home is positioned to take advantage of heat and light from the sun. Natural site features are preserved and protected wherever possible.

Energy efficiency.

Appliances, insulation, doors, windows, heating and air-conditioning and the home’s design work together to conserve energy resources and reduce utility bills.

Water efficiency.

Water heaters, toilets, faucets and drought-tolerant landscaping conserve water inside and out.

Resource efficiency.

Materials are selected for durability, origin, and recycled content while waste-management strategies reduce the environmental impact of the home’s construction.

Indoor environmental quality.

Appropriate ventilation techniques, along with paints, sealants and adhesives made without harmful compounds help improve a home’s indoor environment for the entire family.

Home owner education.

Because knowing how to operate and maintain a green home is just as important as building one.

Download the NAHB Think Green. Build Green. Live Green Brochure

The ICC 700 National Green Building Standard is the national rating system of choice for consumers seeking authentically green and affordable homes, neighborhoods and remodeling projects. The only standard for green residential construction approved by the American National Standards Institute, the ICC-700 guides the design and development process to result in the features that buyers prefer and can afford. Projects must meet progressively more stringent benchmarks in energy, water and resource efficiency; lot and site development; indoor environmental quality; and operation and maintenance education to achieve the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Emerald levels of ICC-700. Projects can be certified through the National Green Building Certification Program, powered by the NAHB Research Center. Learn more about the National Green Building Standard and project certification at

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