A recent Yahoo survey about the American consumer’s evolving view of housing provides interesting and strong evidence of a definite market trend.

According to the Yahoo survey, energy efficiency is a top hallmark of the “dream home” – more consumers cited energy efficiency as a desirable attribute than any other feature. (The Yahoo survey can be found here.)

Four out of five of those polled in a Yahoo! Real Estate study of 1,545 U.S. adults say that owning a home is still a part of the American dream. The Yahoo! Home Horizons 2012 study, fielded on the Web in October, is mapped to the American population of homeowners, buyers, sellers and renters.

The study finds that optimism about homeownership is widespread despite the massive downturn that has so far claimed six million homes in foreclosure and threatens to sink even more in the future. Yet, given the record inventory and dropping housing prices, buyers realize that their dream home is more attainable. In the study, 72% of homeowners and renters believe that they live in their dream home, or it will be their next home, or they will own it someday.

Yet, there is a growing consensus that the dream home must be more energy efficient.

For about one in four of those surveyed in the Home Horizons study, living in a more energy-efficient home is a major reason why they plan to move. In support of this groundswell of interest, the government offers a small tax incentive to spur growth in demand for energy-efficient home materials and appliances.

Homeowners can earn up to a $500 U.S. tax credit for making energy-efficient upgrades by Dec. 31st in one or more of these areas: home insulation; windows, doors and skylights; and non-solar water heaters among other projects, according to the Alliance to Save Energy.

Still, there are plenty of other reasons why people plan to move in 2012 and it’s not all about saving on energy costs or living on a more sustainable planet. Nearly half of those planning to move simply want to live in a larger space or in a home better suited to their “life phase.” And some want to live closer to public transportation, city services or their job.

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