How about this for a Quick Tip you can actually use!

If you have a door hinge that’s feeling a bit wiggly and loose, odds are the hinge screws are stripped. Removing a stripped screw alone can be tricky, but then how do you go about replacing securely in an existing hole? North Carolina based Grainda Builders shared a quick and clever way to tighten up a door hinge without much fuss.




First, remove the stripped screw, either with a screwdriver or a good set of pliers. Next, squirt some carpenter’s glue into the hole, insert the pointed end of a golf tee in, and tap the tee into place with a hammer.







Using a sharp utility knife, cut off the exposed extra part of the golf tee so that its flush with the doorframe. This will give you a fresh piece of material to drill a new screw into.







Finally, drill a new pilot hole directly into the golf tee, and simply re-insert the screw through the hinge. The hinge should feel much more stable and secure.





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