Made from 100 percent recyclable glass, each ThinkGlass countertop is unique, with a huge selection of molded textures and hand-painted colors. Customers can select their glass thickness, edge treatments, and even add LED lights to further personalize their design. Virtually maintenance-free, their textured finish hides fingerprints and is impossible to stain. They are naturally resistant to scratches, mold and mildew, and can endure high heat without cracking or scorching.

10 top reasons why you should get glass countertops for your kitchen or bathroom :

1.Wow factor that makes it the focal point of your kitchen

2.High-end appearance

3.Maintenance free

4.Non-porous, making it suitable for Kosher kitchens

5.Most hygienic countertop on the market

6.No Cross-contamination

7.Can endure high heat without cracking or scorching

8.Impossible to stain

9.Textured finished underneath that masks fingerprints, common wear and allows scratches to go unnoticed

10.Can be edge lit to transform your countertop, creating a floating and ethereal beauty

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In addition, ThinkGlass countertops are made of 25% recycled glass and are 100% recyclable.

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