spring homeThe winter season is now over – finally! Gone are the days of those chilly and heavy rain falls. So why should your home still have that dreary and dull appearance? Now is the time to freshen it up. Industry experts claim that if your home is not energized, you feel down.

We talked to a couple of industry experts and here is what they suggested.

How organized is your home?

A survey claims that over 42% of people have a lot of clutter in their house. Are you among these? Clear out all those things that you do not need, starting with your closet.  Pull out all those clothes that you have not worn in a while and remove those shoes which you have not worn in ages. Also go through your bookshelves and if there any books or magazines which you do not need anymore, take them to a local book store. Donate all of these things to charity where someone can actually make good use of them.

The items that are left divide them neatly into different categories and organize them properly. A home designer suggests that multipurpose furniture often offers increased storage, which should be utilized not only for keeping away all that clutter, but for a beautiful look as well.

The energizing green of nature

Nature is one of the best things in the world to relax yourself.  And it just does not relax you, it looks beautiful as well.   So why not bring the beauty of the outside into the inside? Get a nicely colored vase and add some fresh flowers to it. Set it on the dining table, the side table, the mantelpiece or wherever you find it suitable.

You can even go a step ahead, and instead of flowers, decorate your room with fresh fruits and vegetables. Put a bowl of oranges on the table or maybe you could decorate it with strawberries.

Make your room cozy

The warm blankets and comforters were a great friend all winter, but pack them up now and give your room a change.  Add a brightly colored bed sheet or some attractive cushion colors, and maybe a splash of color to your bedroom walls.

Simple advice; but worthy all the same. Color is the best way for change, so add a few bright spots here and there.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

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